Weekly Writing MiracleChallenge in WordPress.. !


Hello Everyone !

Greetings from India…. 😀

Am new to WordPress. I have written some fictional as well as non-fictional writings. Sometimes, i feel a two way connection. Sometimes, I end up as one man army.

And since, I would like to engage myself with everyone here. I have got a thought in my mind, which i would like to share with you all.

Why not start an interesting challenges here ???

Well.. The challenges will be for writing stories or poetry. You can write Whatever you like.

1. Write a story using a sentence.

2. Write a Poetry using two words.

3. Write a Story using three words.

4. Write a Short Story/ Poetry using a theme.

5. Write a Short Story/ Poetry in maximum 5 sentences using the Photo attached.


Every week, i will give you the words, sentence and a theme for respective challenges. You can participate in any of the above mentioned challenges, as you wish.

There is No Winner or Loser in this challenge. My main intention for this challenge is to interact, write and read. Above all to enjoy writing with fun.

Do let me know if you are all interested in my above mentioned challenges???

Everyone are invited.

Upon the interest you show, I will start the #MiracleChallenge from 15th of June at Indian Time 6.00 PM.

#MiracleChallenge coming soon.. !

Miracle ☺

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