Waiting for a Miracle for so long
The burden felt the loneliness
Lonely heart etched the life
Of a once joyous girl..
Down the lane holding her hands
He wished her a very Happy Birthday..
Neither his blissful wishes
Nor his serene talks reached her soul..
Self questioning herself
And wandering around her once peaceful place
She wondered about her existence..
Looking at the moonbeams falling on one of the branch..
Her breathing
synchronized with her heavy heart beat..
She realized about a presence of something strange ..
The shower of glitters moved from one branch to another
Following the glitters her soul miraculously lifted up..
The whispers near her ears made her more curious
To have a glimpse of a beauty behind an enrapturing voice..
Hearing to it’s song
That she once sung for her someone long ago as a lullaby..
Her forgotten childhood flashbacked awakening her locked memories
Unlocking the life of her long lost friend..

” Hey beauty!
Stop for a while..
Won’t you come in front of Me..! “

Listening to her godly words
The beauty appeared in front of her
Like petrichor making a strong magical presence…
She rejoiced her reunion with her childhood friend –
A Talking Bird 🐦
And she never woke up from her sleep like the dream never ended..



Miracle 🙂


P.S. Image Source: Icy stare by ElenaDudina on DeviantArt


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