It was one fine evening, with a cup of coffee, she allowed herself to drown with his memories. Her serene eyes smiled visiting the Sugar Cane Juice Centre, where they met each other for the very first time. There, she saw him, who was full of surprises with his tall & handsome looks, out of shower kind of hair locks, shy eyes and petrichor like aromatic deodorant.

Her lips opened with a big laugh, breathing the air with her mouth, when she remembered him finding an excuse, where he offered his hand to touch her, wishing her a happy new year. And laughing at him, she had replied that it had been a month and you were very late. But still she had accepted his wishes and wished him back shaking his hand to feel the real him.

That first electrified touch etched all their lovable virtual talks happened on the phone calls and unlimited chats, making them both a newly found strangers. Unknowingly, blossoming the love within them, in the presence of moonbeams, that turned their life like a full moon day, at present.



Miracle 🙂


Image Source: Smiling Woman from


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