Letter to Mom.. !

This letter i had written for my lovable mom and shared in another platform on Mother’s Day. Today, I would to share my letter… to you all here. 🙂

Dearest Mom,

For the last few days, i was just thinking to write a letter to you. But i couldn’t able to. And i don’t know why, even after reading N number of affectionate letters for their mom, in lettrs. Sometimes, I yell at myself asking why you are not able to. Ha ha.

But, today am writing. May be the right time has come to take a break from fictions.

Mom, I still remember the days, when i was around 8 years. You used to play with me Hide and Seek in our first home. I used to get so excited, when i find you, clapping my hands and jumping. But, after years, today, i got to know that you were actually hiding in some place to cry your pain off and i had misunderstood as play.

You used to stay with me till late night to make me study, but i will simply stare at my book. Now i wonder, whether the alphabets were dancing like in Taare Zameen Par. Or i hated books. But, you always get the work done from me, before going to bed, no matter what 😁. And today, am really thankful to you for giving me an identity in the society as an Engineer.

During my teenage, when we shifted to our new home, I remember once when i told you and cried of not having any friends to play. You simply took the Badminton rackets and started playing with me. And still those moments are fresh in my eyes. We were actually playing in our living room 😂. Today, i know, who is my only True Friend and on whom i can blindly trust upon.

Daughters are always tagged as Daddy’s girl. But i don’t know why. May be i have never received any love from my father since childhood. Or I never felt his absence in my life. Because, your love over shadowed everything. And you made your presence so strong everytime, even when i end up crying like a baby, during my college days.

Lettrs Staff is asking me to write the things we have in common. How I should i tell him that am no where near you except your looks, especially, big round eyes with long curled eyelashes. My mother’s gift, i say in pride to everyone. Infact, i had written a poetry on this titled ‘Princess Of Lashes’ 😊😊😊

Your quality of sacrificing, your strength to face the storm, your intelligence, your adorable talks, your unconditional love for all, your helping nature and many more to list. I don’t know whether i have your such classic qualities, but am trying and looking upto you in my life as my ideal person.

Sometimes, i wonder, what will I do, when you are not near me. Because, even at the age of my Twenties, I need you each and everytime for almost everything. But, I know, I have to learn to be an independent woman like you ☺

Lastly, i would like to end up this letter conveying that, you will always remain in my heart no matter where I am. And i will make sure that you will always feel proud, whenever you think of me, like am proud of you.

Happy Mother’s Day  💕

I love you, Mom 😘

Lots of Hugs & Kisses 😘💞


Miracle 🙂

(Your Loving Daughter)


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