The Youngest Blossom !

How should i thank you
Just tell me,
how should i thank you…

Gone are the days
Which were So dry
With the cry
For the gones
For my loss
Longing For
someone around …

Lying on the street,
On the day,
I saw you
Long back
I visioned myself
In you
Like a dead…

But you were
along the wind
With no leaves around..
was my mind
With sorrow and grief…

You stood still
Without any harm..
I lost myself
without any will
Pushed to rot
Around your dead leaves..

I laughed at you
For living like a stone
I pitied myself
For living alone
Like your
forgotten leaves..

A new ray of light
After the days
of stormy rains
Calmness smiled
once again
was changing
was your outlook…

With a surprise
I gazed at you
Smiling at me
You waved your branches
Tiny changes
You got in your body…

Awe strucken
I was standing
Looking at your fresh
And young buds
From nowhere
And everywhere…

You taught me
Life is not same
Life is about change
My mind
listening to you

With a wisdom
Taking birth
I got up
And walked
Looking around
The beauty
In my life

With a short term
Good bye
I had left you
For a while
For my good
For my growth
As you wished…

Am back
To share
My happiness
With a new job
In my hand
And few pennies
In my pocket…

I see you
My happiness
Fully bloomed
With young blossoms
You showered
Your little babies
Upon me…

and loose petals
Falling on my body
Smiles and peace
Hugged me

O dear O dear
Tell me how should thank you..?



Miracle 🙂

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