Preparing two cups of hot tea,
For you and me,
With extra love of sugars,
I put the cubes specially for you.
Coming out from the Kitchen,
In a thought of from where to start,
Got completely enraptured,
with your presence.

With a book on your one hand,
Adjusting your spectacles with other,
You were reading your favorite novel,
Lying on the couch.
Coming near to you,
I whispered about welcoming
someone new.
Raising your eyebrows,
Removing your round glasses,
You looked into my shy eyes.
Nodding my head up and down
With unknown happiness being felt,
Touching my flat stomach,
You pushed the pillow inside my dress,
To show how the future bump would be.

Covering my blushing face,
I turned away to escape your gaze.
Carrying me in your arms,
You rotated me round and round,
To celebrate our God’s blessings.
Laughter all around,
Our happiness knew no bound.
Singing your composed song,
You dedicated to a first time mother to be.
Mesmerizing with your unconditional love on your romantic song,
I called a first time father to be,
for a romantic dance.

Feeling the tiredness,
Winking at me,
You asked for a chilled Lemonade.
Laughing at you smirkingly,
I turned around for some water.
Realizing about the hot sugary tea,
I prepared for you with love,
While the tea was getting cold.
Looking at my drooling face,
You picked up your cup of cold tea.
While, taking my cup of tea,
Our cups touched each other’s for a cheer.
Drinking with your yummy saying look,
I understood your Sugary Baby effect.



Miracle 🙂



    1. Hey !

      Infact I visualized it again after reading your lovable comment, like the same way I visualized while writing 😃

      Thank you so much for taking yoyr precious time in reading my fictional poetry 😇

      Liked by 1 person

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