Her First Time Visit..!

For the first time, we entered to our new bungalow, which i personally designed. She looked very happy to be around a completely new place and was running and jumping all over with excitement.

All of a sudden, I saw her eyes searching for something.
Her eyes revealed everything to me before her lips did. Her eyelashes started dancing to the tunes of her angry eyelids.

The vibrancy and the radiancy in her raged and upset eyes, made me laugh. But i didn’t show, and instead I pretended like a fearful cat in front her.

I tried to comfort her with lots of fake excuses, but nothing worked. With a kiss, I carried her up the stairs. And there, I navigated her to the newly designed painting room, which I personally arranged with full of her all time favorite artist’s paintings. Within No time, her raging eyes turned into oceans of smiles, alongside a full of surprise.

I handed over a paintbrush to her and encouraged her to make her first mark on the large sheet of drawing paper, with a loud applause.

She hugged me tightly and with a kiss, she thanked me in her sign language,

“Thank You Mamma, I Love You So Much”.




Miracle 🙂


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