The clock struck 12.00 AM and she turned 20. Everyone surprised her birthday with a huge Cake and Gifts, followed by a Music and few Dance steps.

But, she was not happy with her joyous environment and was eagerly waiting and expecting wishes from her one and only.

After few minutes, he made a loud entry, singing ‘Happy Birthday‘ song, playing his guitar. She suddenly felt her heart light. With a mixed feeling, she turned around and ran towards him, sobbing.

He strummed the guitar slowly while she cried. And, opened his hands, holding the guitar in his right hand.

Coming near to him, she hugged him and whispered with tears flowing continuously,
“Where were you, brother? You know, i will be waiting for your first wish. Still you came late.”

Kissing on her forehead, he  apologized holding his left ear. And presented her a Watch of their mother’s one and only memorable, he found from the accident spot, days back, where their parents died in a fire accident, a year ago.



Miracle 🙂



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