“Hey ! I have prepared your favorite Lemonade. Why don’t you join with me for lunch?”, arranging the plates and glasses on the dining table, she asked her 16 year old son with love.

But, he simply nodded his head and walked away towards his room.

Lying on the bed, he found himself Lost in his thoughts of the day.




He saw his best friend coming towards him. Her enraptured eyes decorated with kajal, was something he had never seen before. She looked very different today with loose hair, pearl jewelry and pink lipstick. It was Traditional Day and she was in her traditional attire.

“Hey ! Someone is looking great today.”

“Yeah? Who?”, jokingly she teased him and started looking around.

“Oh ! So you want a compliment from Me. Haan?”

“What? I didn’t say that. Hmm.. Oookay tell me how am looking. This is my first time, am wearing Saree”.
She circled herself floating her saree happily.

They knew each other for a year and remained besties only for their academics. But, today, for the first time, he noticed her real beauty beyond her intelligence and beyond her studies. He now found her eyes, her hair, her everything, enchanted to his wonder eyes.

“Was she dancing? Or my mind gone mad”, he asked to himself.

“Hey. Come on. Tell me.”she interrupted his thoughts.

“Hmm yeah. You looking beautiful in this golden lace Saree”. He couldn’t look into her eyes now and continued saying “Like an Angel.”

“Thanks dear. I know. You always have compliments for me. Okay, my friends are waiting for me. We are going to watch ‘FAN’ movie. Hope at least SRK did his best in this. Bye. Will talk to you later.”

He kept listening to her as if she was singing. He only heard her Bye.


“Yeah. What happened to you? Still thinking and worrying about the next week test?”

“Aah.. Nothing. Okay. Bye. Will meet you later.”

“Yeah. Bye.”

She left him speechless. And he directed himself to his home.



“What happened to me? Is this Love?” He asked to himself and found himself blushing. Meanwhile, her mom opened the door and came inside his room, interrupting his important discussions with himself.

Sitting near his son, she caressed her son’s forehead and asked,

“Oh dear! What happened? Is everything okay?”

“Yes mom. Just tired.”

“Oh dear ! Wait a minute. I will bring you the chilled lemonade. It will refresh you and your mind.”

His mom left his room without having any idea about her son, who was flying high with an unknown happiness, his first love brought inside him.


Miracle 🙂


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