Hey Beautiful !

Yes. You only. Why you look so doubtful?
Don’t you think you are beautiful?

What happened to you?

Come on, remove your misted glasses now. Clean it up and see yourselves in front of the Mirror.

Don’t you see, how heavenly you are?
You are a real fighter.

Oh dear ! Come closer to me. I have a secret to share with you.

Hey don’t mistaken me. You can put your trust upon me without any hesitation.

I can see you pausing for moment, having a intense thought about Me.

Okay. Take a deep breath and relax yourselves.

I found you very critical and I came to you running all over, only to rescue you.

Get up. It’s all over. Tough times have passed.

The accident was the worst nightmare that you went through. Doctors did their bit. But it’s you who fought back.

Get up and look at the world again.
Open your eyes and give me a smile.

And the secret is, “You are dreaming.”

And am your Inner Self 🙂



Miracle 🙂

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